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The lion forest surrounding the parking position

The 1 pan Ru Xiang parking Suzhou District of Suzhou City, a distance of 120 meters Garden Road, Suzhou District of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, 2 Lion Forest parking lot 23, a distance of 100 meters

The 3 Humble Administrator's Garden Park northeast Street Suzhou District Jiangsu province Suzhou City No. 178 at a distance of 280 ...


Tour tips

First, visitors should be civilized and courteous, and observe social ethics and public order consciously.

Two, it is strictly prohibited to bring guns, ammunition, inflammable and explosive materials and other dangerous goods into the park; no pets are allowed to enter the park.

Three. To protect gardens and buildings, protect cultural relics, garden furnishings and other facilities and equipment; prohibit the carving and painting of buildings and structures; not damaging flowers and trees, trampling lawn vegetation, and not entering fence guardrails.

Four, consciously maintain public health, do not spit everywhere, swallow, throw away the skin, fruit shells, and paper scraps.

Five, tourists should not sell goods and engage in business activities in the garden.

Six. We must pay attention to safety through the rockery.

Suzhou Lion Forest Management Office

December, two


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