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Basic situation of the Lion Forest Management Office


The lion forest management office is the public service unit of Suzhou City, the administrative level of the Department, under the Suzhou garden and Greening Administration, under the jurisdiction of the two Suzhou classical gardens of the lion forest and the Yiyuan. According to the work function, set up the party and government office, finance department, comprehensive management section, An Baoke, garden management section.

Main functions: in accordance with the World Heritage Convention and the regulations on the protection and management of gardens in Suzhou, the daily monitoring, protection planning and publicity work of the lion forest and the happy garden are carried out. Taking on the daily management and marketing work of the lion forest and the Yiyuan, responsible for the protection research of various cultural relics and relics in the garden, the inheritance and use of the ancient tree and the name wood, and the establishment of the work files. The excavation and research work of Lion Forest and Yiyuan culture are carried out. Responsible for the organization, guidance, order maintenance and security work of the tourism activities in the park. We will provide public welfare service for scenic spots, develop and promote Lion Forest and Yiyuan tourism products.

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