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Six lions forest in Qianlong

Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty inspected the Huang Huai River and Zhejiang seawall project, and also gathered the officials and scholars in the south for the six time. Because of its love and amusement, writing poetry and painting, every local example is introduced by local officials and presented with a list of historical sites. Its favorite attractions in Suzhou are Huqiu, balance, Huashan and Deng Weishan. The most frequent tour is the cold mountain industry outside the city and the Lion Forest in the city. There are many "imperial poems" and inscriptions all over the place. According to the records of "Southern tour ceremony" and "Suzhou government records" of Dao Guang year, he visited the lion forest every time from the second Southern tour. Qianlong twenty-two years (1757), two patrol the south of the Yangtze River, took Ni Zan's "lion forest map" roll to compare the view of the lion forest. The inscribed board "mirror intelligence circle" and the five word poem "Lion Forest", the poem claims "know the lion forest early", here see "pine hang thousand year rattan, pool five Lake water" and "fake mountain like true mountain", think lion forest is not in downtown, but "doubt its hidden valley", it seems the world fairyland, and in the decoration and "Pavilion is" A new "cold mountain" is compared to "no decoration is natural". This poem is carved on the lion forest monument. Five years later (1762) three to the south of the Yangtze River, for the Lion Forest Temple title "painting Zen Temple", left seven laws and two, one of them in the copy of the "lion forest map", "life forever hidden Wu Zhong", another "Lion Forest sentence" on Ni map on the blank place, praise lion Lin "a tree and one peak into the painting, several Bay several songs far heart." Qianlong thirty years (1765) four times the southern tour, for the lion forest question "true interest" plaque, ordered to the owner of the garden owner Huang brothers a satin each, write down the "swim Lion Forest sight miscellaneous chanting" seven absolutely three and seven laws, one of the sentence is "the best place in the city is the lion forest, light rain and light wind this first search." Why don't you make a living in the downtown market? In the poem, the poem claims that "every reading of Ni map is pleasing to the eyes and more pleasing to the map". He thinks that the copy is not as good as the "smile like thunder door". After going to Zhejiang, we will return to Beijing, go to Suzhou in the way, go to lion forest again, leave the lion forest again, "love the lion forest city", and return to Beijing to imitate a lion in the garden of Changchun with a silver in the Changchun garden. Zi Lin, using 7 or two thousand silver in Mountain Resort, built a lion forest again, and copied two pieces of Ni map, which are collected in the "treasure gate of Shiqu". Qianlong forty-five years (1780) five times in the southern tour, in the "lion forest again repeat the old rhyme" in the road, "mountain villa garden although the picture, Huang's Ni Jia Long heart." It means that the two imitation lion forest is only "picture appearance". Four years later, the last Southern tour, Qianlong again to the twelve lion forest landscape painting Xu Wei, in the "lion forest three superposition rhyme" in the "powder Shiqu hide handwriting, write although the hand luck" shows that when copying Ni map in the hand, "six degrees south tour not only hide, but also no longer a destiny." He asked himself, "so is the old trees in the mountains? Because "six degrees south inspection stop", can only "sleep in the dream". There are only eight fuzzy pictures of Qian Long's poems on the lion forest, which are written by Qian Long. They are said to be true at the the Imperial Palace Museum in Taipei.

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