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Zhao Yi and Wu Yuguang


Zhao Yi (1727 - 1814)

Zhao Yi, a poet and historian in the Qing Dynasty. Word cloud song, No. Ou north, Yang Lake (now Jiangsu Changzhou people. Qianlong twenty-six years (1761) Jinshi, taught Hanlin Academy. He once served as Zhen An and Guangzhou magistrate. Qianlong's thirty-eight year resignation home, once told the Yangzhou anding Academy. His literary works include 53 volumes of poetry and poetry in northern Europe. Historical works include "twenty-two history notes", "Yu Yu Cong Kao", "eaves" and "imperial martial arts Ji Sheng" and so on.

"Tong Rong Xi Zhi Tang tour Lion Forest on the side of the wall and host the garden Lord Huang Yun in the same year" is a seven character poem after Zhao You's lion forest. "One hundred acres in the possession of Bai Li broad, take the potential in the song is not straight, life is meant to be empty is not real", which shows that it also has a deep attainments of landscape art.

Wu Yuguang (1743 - 1803)

Wu Yuguang, a writer in the Qing Dynasty, a native of Xiuning in Anhui, and a host of Jiangsu Changshu, the character Zhe Fu, the No. 1 bamboo bridge, the name of the bamboo bridge, the foreign history of the other number of the lakes, the forty-five years (1780) of Qianlong, the official propriety department, and the return of his resignation to the hometown of Changshu. At home for more than 20 years, he devoted himself to reading and writing, and named his home's "Shu Xiu Tang", which is good at ancient prose and poetry. The main works are: Sixty volumes of ancient Jin Shi Zhai poetry, twenty volumes of the anthology of prime repair hall, fourteen volumes of Xiao Hu Tian Yue Fu, eight volumes of Du Fu Yi law, four volumes of the Tang Dynasty six long, and so on.

In the sequel of Shi Zilin Ji Sheng Ji, Wu Yuguang's five character poem of Shi Zi Lin visited Huang Si Chun Qu recorded some family matters of master Lin's master at that time.

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