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Du Qiong and Zhao


Du Qiong (1396 - 1474)

The famous painters of the Ming Dynasty used Jia, Jia Jia, Dongyuan, deer crown Taoist, five dock mountain people, long green Pavilion owner, east original tiller, people respectfully named Mr. Dong Yuan, Wuxian (now Jiangsu Suzhou). Since childhood, diligent and eager to learn, it has been able to carve out its own merits, for poetry and prose. Life is not official, and several times have been refused to be promoted. I have been obsessed with talking about the seclusion of poetry and painting for life. The workers are especially good at the landscape, and Wu Zhen, the first teacher in the first division, then studies Dong Yuan, giant and Wang Meng, and uses dry brushes and brushes, light ink and dyeing, pen force, light color, fine and elegant, open Wu school, and Shen Zhou's father and son, and have direct influence on Shen Zhou's behavior, aesthetic taste, artistic style and so on. The works have eight years (1443) for eight years (1443) as "southern village villa book" ten pages, seven years (1463) for "Tianxiang bookshop" axis, now all the Shanghai Museum; Jingtai five years (AD 1454) for the "landscape" axis, Cheng Hua eight years (AD 1472) for Wu wide as "landscape map" axis and "friend song Tu" volume, all hidden the Imperial Palace Bo Material courtyard; orthodox eight years as "listen to the spring map" axis, Cheng Lin four years as "teacher and forest map" Taipei the Imperial Palace Museum; Chenghua three years (AD 1467) for the "ink brush landscape" in Sichuan Museum. He is the author of the "east original fazhai". After the death of the private posthumous "abyss filial piety".

Zhao CHO (1662 - 1744)

Zhao Zhixin, the word extension, the autumn Valley, the old man on the evening. Born in the first year of Kangxi (1662), Yan Shen Town, Yi Du County, Qingzhou (Shandong). Zhao was born in an official family. He was twenty-five years old, and he was promoted to the right spring. When Kangxi was twenty-eight years old (1689), when Zhao Zhixin was twenty-eight years old, there was a case of "Longevity Palace". Zhao ended his career as a result of his dismissal from the crime of "disgrace". It was Zhao's roaming period from his retirement from office to sixty-three years old. Especially in the Jiangnan area centered on Suzhou, he had been there five times and stayed in Suzhou for the last four years. During this period, he wrote a lot of realistic poetry. Yong Zheng three years (1725), sixty-three year old Zhao Zhixin ended his roaming life, returned to his hometown and died in Qian Longjiu (1744). His works include the nineteen collections of Yi Shan poetry anthology, twelve volumes of the anthology of maltose mountain, a volume of Yu Yu, a volume on the dragon record, a volume of tone spectrum, and two volumes of the balance of etiquette and custom.

The sequel of Shi Zilin Ji Sheng Ji records Zhao Lin, a teacher of letters and visits from Zhaozhi, and wrote a poem entitled "master Zi Lin gave his master Zhang Yu (Xu) three". The poem and Liang Di 's "Mr. Zhang Yusan, master of the snow in the snow" and "Wang Fu Cao's predecessor", and Li Guo of Changzhou (guest mountain), "Shi Zi Lin poetry for Mr. Zhang Yusan", proved that Zhang Shijun was the master of the Lion Forest in the early Qing Dynasty.

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