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Xu Ben and Yao Guangxiao


Xu Ben (1335 - 1393)

Xu Ben, a painter in the early Ming Dynasty, was born in Sichuan. She was born in Sichuan. She lived in Piling (now Changzhou) and moved to the north of Jiangsu (now Jiangsu Suzhou). Zhang Shicheng fought against yuan and recruited his subordinates. Ben Ben lived in Shushan, Huzhou (now Wuxing, Zhejiang). Hongwu seven years (1374) was recommended to the DPRK. Under the recognition of Ming Tai Zu, he was sent to the left government governor in Henan, and was rewarding for the time when the army crossed the border. Ben can be known as Gao Qi, Yang Ji and Zhang Yu. He is good at drawing mountains and rivers. He teaches Dong Yuan, Ju ran, ink and ink, and fine bamboo. He wrote the 6 volume of "Bei Guo Ji", "Shushan map" and so on.

Hong Wu seven years (1374) on the 28th of March, on the 28th of March, he should be invited by the master Lin Ruhai. According to the title of "Mu Zi Lin twelve chants", it is the twelve landscape of the teacher's Zi Lin, and the poem "and Gao TDI Shi Zi Lin pond watching fish" and "Teacher Lin Bamboo under the puppet" 2. The existing the Imperial Palace Museum in Taipei is recorded in the Shi Zilin Ji Sheng Ji.

Yao Guangxiao (1335 - 1418)

Yao Guangxiao's young name Tian Xi, Zi Si Dao, became a Buddhist monk after he became a monk. He took part in political activities as a Buddhist monk in the early Ming Dynasty. After Ming Cheng Zu was on the throne, Yao Guangxiao was given the name. Yao Guangxiao's ancestral home in Henan Kaifeng (now Kaifeng), the great grandfather fled to the south of the Yangtze River with the song room south, and settled in Xiangcheng, Changzhou (now Suzhou). Grandfather and father were both in the country. When Yao Guangxiao was fourteen years old, he became a monk in Miao Zhi an. After he came home, he not only learned the Buddha, but also read the work poem. It is also learned from Taoist Xi Yingzhen, the Taoist School of the book of changes, Fang Shu and the study of military science. Yuan Zheng twenty-three years (1363) at the Jingshan mountain, from the master of Yu an, he immersed himself in the study of ancient and foreign classics and became a famous monk at that time. The four sides of Yao Yunyou and famous men. At that time, Gao Kai, Yang Ji, Zhang Yu and Xu Ben called four jets. Among them, Xu Ben home looked at the door, and the number "North Guo Sheng" was "North Guo Sheng". The ten people, such as Gao Qi, Wang Hang and Song Ke, were also known as "North Guo ten friends".

"Shi Zilin Ji Sheng Ji" in the records of Yao Guangxiao before entering the official career, Hong Wu five years (1372) and Gao Qi, Zhang Shi, Wang Hang, Xie emblem, Zhang Jane, Tao Chen and other written "Teacher Lin twelve chant", as well as personal "Teacher Lin thirty rhyme", "later than the teacher Lin", "Rhyme" and other poems. "Shi Zilin Ji Sheng Ji" also records Yao Guangxiao's entry to the official post in the fifteen years (1417) of Yongle in March. In the twenty-two years (1543) of the Ming Jiajing (1543) in June, he wrote an anecdote about Yao Guangxiao. The night is deep, to the back door. There are monks and their eyes to sit down, to palpate their heads, and to let the monks leave them. Rong Gong went away. "

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