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Ni Zan and Zhu Derun


Ni Zan (1302 - 1375)

Ni Zan, the yuan painter, the first name, the post change praise, the character Town, the number Yunlin, the number of Zhu Yang Museum, the net name of the owner, Xiao Xian Xian Qing, Jing Manmin, phantom, lazier Zan and so on. Most of them are "Yunlin" poems and paintings, so they are called "Mr. Yunlin". He is very clean and pedantic, and it is called "detour".

In the six years (1302) of the great dynasty in the Yuan Dynasty, Ni Zan was born in Wuxi's merili Tuo village. Young talent is intelligent and well educated. Yunlin inherited his ancestral teachings, willing to go down under the old forest, and carefully constructed his garden in the tutuo Temple West. The pavilion is called "Qing Ge Ge", which is a collection of historical records of famous paintings. Yunlin folded and wrinkled, creating a landscape of water and ink on both sides of the lake. His poems, books, paintings, and later generations are praised as "three essential", especially painting is the first of the three. He is good at landscape ink and wash, and is simple and elegant. He calls himself "careless brush grass", and does not seek to be similar in form, but amuses himself. (answer Zhang Zhong Shu Shu) has made new development in literati ink and wash landscape painting. He and Huang Gongwang, Wu Zhen and Wang Meng are known as the four famous painters of the Yuan Dynasty. His paintings include "Six Gentlemen's plan", "empty forest after rain", "riverside hope mountain", "fishing village autumn harvest", "Wu Zhu Xiu Shi" and so on. Six years (1373) of Hong Wu (1373) in December, Yunlin should be invited by the teachers of Yunlin to make "Shi Zilin" (a long scroll), and "Shi Zilin's victory set" is marked by Ni Zan "the two first and" the master Lin map ". The present picture is hidden in the Museum of the Imperial Palace in Beijing.

Ni Zan despised the dignitaries all his life and determined to "not give birth to a painter." In the first ten years of the Yuan Dynasty, he abandoned his family, wandered on the five lakes and lakes, and wandered in Yixing, Changzhou, Wujiang, Huzhou, Jiaxing and Songjiang around Taihu. He lived in a cloud of life, lived in the temple of the village and lived with the fishing woodcutting monks.

The twilight lived in Jiangyin with Zou Wei's family. The Ming Dynasty Hongwu eight years (1375) died in his cheekie family in October 16th, and was buried in Jiangyin Xi Li. In Changle, Wang Bin wrote the inscription on the tomb of Mr. Yunlin. Then his grandson was buried in the graves of the Furong mountain.

Zhu Derun (1294 - 1365)

Zhu Derun, Zi Zemin, painter of the Yuan Dynasty, Suiyang mountain, originally from Suiyang (now Henan Shangqiu), is in Wuzhong (now Suzhou). Born in Yuan Dynasty to thirty-one yuan (1294), he died in the twenty-five year (1365), and was seventy-one years old. In the early years, Zhu Derun was influenced by the painter Gao Kegong and Zhao Mengtiao. Yan you Mei (1320), by Zhao Mengtiao's recommendation, Yuan Ying Zong taught his Hanlin to serve and compile the school of history, and the Confucian School of Middle East and Shu Shu. The British sect died, and Zhu returned home for nearly 30 years. For a period of official career, he was in the middle of the Jiangsu Province and was in the middle of the province of Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province. He took care of the army and kept the two counties of Hangzhou lake. Soon, the "return to the disease".

Zhu De is good at poetry, calligraphy, and Wang Xizhi. There are many scenes in the poem, and there are also the works of the times. The author is the author of the 10 volumes of "Fu Fu Ji Ji", with 1 volumes.

Zhu De is good at mountains and rivers. In 1339, he made the snow to spring to the spring. Besides Huang Gongwang, Wang Meng, Ni Zan and Wu Zhen, there is another way out. The pen and ink are strong and the scenery is full of realism. The works handed down to the world include "Lin Xia Qin Qin Tu" and "Xiu Ye Xuan Tu".

Master Lin's Bodhi orthodox Zen temple Zhuo Feng (Li Ke) monk inherits the master Wei's learning and intersect with Zhu Derun. The whereabouts of the present map are unknown, and the only memory of "the lion forest Ji Sheng Ji" has Zhu De emun in the 1363 ad, to the Deco (the supreme twenty-three years), and to make "the preface of the teacher's forest map". This article gives a detailed description of the beginning time of Shi Zi Lin and the real intention of the founder of "master Zi Lin".

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