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Ouyang Xuan, WeiSu


Ouyang Xuan (1283 - 1357)

Ouyang Xuan, word original work, Guijian, Liuyang, Hunan, Jiangxi Luling, family of Ou Yangxiu's ethnic origin, born in yuan to Yuan twenty (AD 1283, the other is in the 1273 AD). Two years (1315) of the Yuan Dynasty, two years (1315), for more than 40 years, for more than 40 years, six into the Hanlin, two for the wine, two of the main examination, life with the most outstanding history of history, and also famous in the world of poetry, also known as "a generation of master."

In 1333, the direct Bachelor of Ouyang Xuan and Ren Hanlin college was responsible for the compilation of the book of Tai Ding emperor, the record of the Ming Zong, the record of the Wen Zong, and the record of ningzong, which was called the "four dynasties record". After that, the three history of Liao, Jin and Song Dynasties was written. It is written in the 23 volumes of "Tang Dynasty usurp", "Zhi Zheng River defense Ji", "Huang Wei Shi Lv", "Jing Che Zhi" and "Gui Zhai Ji". Forty-five years after the death of the emperor, the imperial court was posthumous. For fourteen years (1354), Ouyang Xuan wrote "master Lin Bodhi orthodox monastery" for the lion's forest, and originally wanted to write his own. Because he was ill, he was only able to write the Minister of the military department of the doctor of training.

WeiSu (AD 1295 - 1372)

Dangerous, the word is too simple, No. Yunlin, Jinxi (Jiangxi Jinxi County Huang Tong Gaoqiao) people (often referred to as Linchuan people, Linchuan is now Jiangxi Fuzhou). Born in the first year of Yuan Zhen (1295), he was born in Hongwu five years (1372) of Ming Tai Zu, and he was seventy-eight years old. In the Tang Dynasty, the Fuzhou cages were irresponsible descendants. During the Yuan Dynasty, he served as assistant professor of the state, Hanlin, Dr. Tai Chang, Tsbe Toro, censor, Ministry of industry, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of agriculture, and the Ministry of rites. In the early Ming Dynasty, he taught bachelor's degree for Hanlin, and he worked with Yu Lian in the history of Yuan Dynasty, and he was also a Bachelor of Hong Wen Museum. Yu Shi Wang wrote that he was the Minister of the subjugation and should not be reused. In 1370 ad, more than 70 year old crisis was exiled and state (now Anhui province Hanshan county), Shou Yu temple. A year later, he was angry and died. It has indelible contributions in the field of historiography.

In the fourteen year of the Yuan Dynasty (AD 1354), he wrote the "master Lin Bodhi orthodox monastery" by the editor of the Chinese Academy of calligraphy and the historian of the Chinese Academy of history. There are records in "Shi Zilin Ji Sheng Ji".

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