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The plaque in the hall of the lion forest, the Yunlin alliteration


Ni Yunlin, the painter of Yuan Dynasty, was free from vulgarity.

Author: Gu Tinglong.

Brief analysis: Ni Zan (1301 - 1374), originally named Ying, also known as lazan, Zi Zhen, Yun Lin Zi, magic Xia Zi, Jing man min, and so on, yuan Wuxi people. At the end of the yuan, they sold to Tian Lu and sent their love to the mountains and rivers. The painting is Huang Gongwang, Wu Zhen and Wang Meng, which are called four yuan. Good as the sloping bank of the sparse forest. In the shallow water, the scenery of remote Qin is won by Jane, and the mood is depressed. His lofty style is the representative of Yuan Dynasty scholar. Ming Hongwu six years (1373), when he crossed lion forest, should be like the request of the abbot of the sea, for the lion Lin Zuotu, poetry one. The poem is five words: "dense bamboo bird cry deep, clear pool cloud shadow leisurely. Tea snow furnace smoke, Solbi stone moss spots. The mood is still quiet, why should we live in the mountains. There is a journey in the poor road, and the twilight does not know. " When Yunlin drew a picture of the lion forest, the national teacher of the middle peak had died, and the monastery had been left out. After Yunlin, the lion forest was famous and became a place for the literati. The collection of "the selection of Yuan Poetry" in the Qing Dynasty is called "the lion forest biking", which is compiled from the good encounter of the men. Xu Youwen's complex picture is the twelve scene. Later generations linked the lion forest and Ni Yunlin together. Qian Long wrote the poem "Ni Shi Lin Cun Mao Yuan".


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