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The legends of the real fun Pavilion of the Lion Forest


In the Qing Dynasty Qianlong years, near the Lion Forest in Suzhou, there was a champion named Huang Xi. Huang Xi liked to play in the lion forest from an early age. At that time, the Lion Grove was the back garden of the lion Lin Chan temple. Huang Xi, who was presided over in the temple, was very intelligent and liked him very much. Then he joked with Huang Xi: "don't you like this garden very much? Then you have to study hard and become the champion in the future. I will give you this garden. " The speaker has no intention, the listener has the heart.

Emperor Qian Long went down to Suzhou and heard that there was a famous Lion Forest monastery in the north of the city. Presided over the news that the emperor was going to get there, he was in a panic and did not know how to take it. Huang read many books, had good eloquence, and had seen the world, so he came to receive dragon driving. He sent the little monk to Huang Xi to come over.

When Emperor Qianlong arrived, Huang Xi and the presiding young monk introduced the Qianlong into the back garden respectfully. In the Qianlong saw garden, it is very wonderful to see the mountain on the wall. Coupled with Huang Xi's vivid interpretation of the lion forest, Qianlong heard more and more pleased, nodding his head, and enthusiastically entering the rockery. Qianlong looked more and more interesting, went through the rockery, sat down in a pavilion, and asked what the name of the pavilion was. Huang Xi knew the opportunity came, and quickly replied, "this pavilion has not yet been named. Please call it a name on the holy side." Qianlong is a person who likes to keep his name everywhere. Huang Xi's words are in the right place. So he called the hand to pick up the four treasures of the work. But he thought for a long time, and he didn't find the right name for his intestines, and he wrote three words in a hurry: it's funny.

Huang Xi looked at it, and saw that such a vulgar, nondescript word would not be laughed at in the future. He took a quick move and went up to the way: "to see the title of the holy royal family, Bibi iron the silver hook, the word dragon flying and phoenix dance, the word" there is "is more than a hundred thousand state, lie the taste damn, hope beggar Saint general" have "word given to the small minister. After the emperor was entitled to "really interesting" three words, think also feel vulgar, just want to change to change, listen to Huang Xi a said, found this "have" the word, the rest of the "true interest", it sounds elegant, and nod permission. And in the word "there is" a line of words: "the Royal gift of Huang hee", the spot was cut down, Huang Xi, the "real interest" left to do the pavilion's plaque.

Huang got the word "yes" in the imperial book, and was delighted with it. After Qianlong left, he posted the word "yes" on the garden door. Tell your family to move the cage and move the furniture to the garden. The monk at the lion Lin Temple was very surprised. He stopped Huang Xi and asked, "how did you move your furniture to the garden?" Huang Xi glared at the two eyes: "do you not see these characters in the" imperial gift Huang Xi "? But intentional defiance of the holy life? " Once I saw it, I knew all about it. It is really a dumb eating yellow lotus, there is no pain to say. From this point of view, the garden was separated from the lion Lin Chan temple and the private garden of Huang family.

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