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The historical origin of the naming of the scenic spots of the lion forest (2)


Ask may pavilion from "Mazu asked plum" allusions:

The two word "Mei Mei" comes from the story of "Mazu asked Mei" in the Zen case. In the Tang Dynasty, the Zen master was a disciple of the Zen master of Ma's Dao. "His appearance is clear, the sex is sensitive and the memory of the Superman". When he first joined the master, he heard the words "the heart is the Buddha", and then he went to Meishan, Zhejiang. In order to understand his understanding level, the monks of Mazu went to investigate, and the monk said to the law, "master Mazu has changed in recent times, and he said that he is not a Buddhist." He often said, "he said that he was not a Buddhist, but I was just a Buddha." The law often breaks the shackles of idols, understands the heart, and the heart does not contain objects. Therefore, Mazu master knows and approves to his disciples: "the masses, the plum is ripe." Later, Chang FA Zen master was called "Da Mei Zen master".

Dark fragrant film building:

From Lin Bu's poem, "the shadow is slanting, the water is shallow, and the fragrance is floating in the evening."

Listen to the rain house:

From Lu You's poem, "a small building listens to the spring rain all night, and the alley sells the apricot flower in the Ming Dynasty."

Lying clouds room:

"From the Yuan Hao question verse," when the clouds are lying down, the festival is laziness. "

Yan Yu Tang:

In the Book of Songs, the name of "Yan Yan Yu Hao, Hao Er Wu Wu" is the name. "Yan" means leisure and banquet. This is the "place of banquet guests in the place of peace".

True interest Pavilion:

On the top of the pavilion, the "true interest" plaque is set for Qianlong's imperial pen. At that time, because of the emperor's presence, the pavilion was decorated with splendor and painted with peony patterns. Also decorated with the "Cape hat" pattern, meaning "scholar is the prime minister Miao", to encourage serious reading, and strive for upward, the three sides of the king rely on, decorated with woodcut lions.

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