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The history of the names of the scenic spots of the lion forest (1)


Refers to the Bai Xuan (monk Hall) from the "Zhao Zhou refers to the" case.

Refers to the Bai Xuan, the full name is "Yi Feng refers to Bai Xuan", refers to Bai two characters, from the allusion "Zhao Zhou refers to Bai." Some disciples asked "Zhaozhou legal way" from the monks, and why the founder of Damour came from the West. From the monk, he only said a sentence "prechamber cypress," which means that cypress trees grow on cypress trees. There is a cloud in the poetry of Gao Kai in the Ming Dynasty. And Yi Feng comes from Zhu Xi's poem "Qian Yi Mount Lu, one peak is unique."

The mountain building comes from the allusions of "see the mountain is not a mountain".

In the Song Dynasty, the master of Zen, the master of the Song Dynasty, put forward the three state of the meditation: at the beginning of the Zen, the mountain is the mountain and the water is water; when the Zen has realized, the mountain is not the mountain, the water is not water; the Zen is thoroughly understood, the mountain is still the mountain, and the water is still water. Buddhists pay attention to the essence of Buddhism in the dust world. People's life, from the children to the hanging of the elderly, in a hurry of life journey, we also experience the three levels of life.

The second boundary of life is to see that mountains are not mountains, but water is not water. There are too many temptations in the red dust. There are too many hidden rules hidden behind the mask of hypocrisy. What we see is not necessarily true. Everything is like the fog, it is like real illusions, plausible and false, the mountain is not a mountain, the water is not water, it is easy for us to lose the direction in reality, and with it, we are confused, hesitating, agony and pain. Struggle, some people fall into the lost world, we begin to understand the world with heart, and all of them have a rational and realistic thinking, the mountain is no longer the mountain of pure meaning, water is not pure water.

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