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The allusions of "erect snow" from Li Xue Tang


After the legend of Damour crossing the river to Shaolin Temple, he spent a great deal of hard work in Nanjing and tried every way to get through the Yangtze River to catch up with Damour to Shaolin. After the divine light came to Shaolin Temple, Badamo was dedicated to teaching and asking Damour for advice. When Damour met with Shen Guang in Yuhuatai, Nanjing, Shen Guang was arrogant and extremely modest. When Shen Guang asked Damour for advice, Damour did not know whether he was sincere or not. Shen Guang did not lose heart, but still kept pace with Damour. Damour sat in the wall of the cave, sitting in Zen Buddhism, Shen Guang joining 10, waiting for him to stand up and carefully taking care of him. Shen Guang has been following Damour for nine years and is truly convinced of Zen master's every move. Damour left the wall hole, went down five peaks, returned to the Shaolin Temple, and took care of the daily Buddhist activities. Shen Guang followed the master back from the cave to the temple.

When it was winter, Damour sat in meditation at the Damour Pavilion in the backyard. Shen Guang stood outside the kiosk. It is known that there are accidents in the sky. When the night is settled, the snow is covered by the snow. At this time, the heavy snow flooded the knees of the gods, all over and down like a thick blanket of furry snow, but the gods still hands together, stand still, pious standing in the snow nest. On the morning of the second day, Damour set it up. He went to the door and looked at it, and Shen Guang stood in the snow. Damour asked, "what are you doing standing in the snow?" God replied, "seek the Buddha". Damour pondered for a moment and said, "I want to tell you the law unless the sky falls red and snow." He realized that this was the knack of the holy monk pointing at his meditation, without hesitation to take his carry on knife and cut his left arm, only to hear: "clicking", a frozen arm fell on the ground, blood splashed, the snow covered the ground and the blouse of the gods. Who knows that this pious sword wears cloud to dial fog, flies to report the western sky, disturb Buddha Buddha, take off the robe and throw it to the East soil. In a short time, the whole Shaolin, red light shrouded, rosy clouds, the goose feather like snowflakes were red and pink. The God light down his hand, bending down to pick up the left arm of blood, revolve around the Damour Pavilion, still standing in the red snow, the snow around the pavilion was also red. The scene of this situation, Damour see clearly. He felt that in order to ask him for advice, Shen Guang had been standing behind him for a long time, and now he had broken his arm and his pride had been overcome. Damour passed the mantle and the magic to divine light, and took the name of "Hui Ke".

After he broke his arm, Hui Ke showed a high degree of fortitude. He suffered severe pain and kneeled down in the snow pit. He used his right hand to receive the "law" respectfully. Thank you for the last week. Since then, Hui Ke succeeded Damour and became the second generation of Zen in Shaolin Temple. In order to commemorate the second generation's snow breaking arm, the monks changed the "Damour Pavilion" to "Li Xue Ting". During the Qing Qianlong emperor's tour of the middle Yue, the story of "breaking the arms of snow" was very touching.

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