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The lion forest rockery is born from the Buddha


In Buddhism, the lion is regarded as the Buddha of the state of the Buddha, and the "Buddha is the lion of the man". Therefore, the meaning of the lion forest rockery is the mimicry, exaggeration and metonymy of the Buddhist sutra, which brings together the essence of the rare birds and animals in the Buddhist stories. There are as many as 500 lion rock peaks in the park. It is said that when Emperor Qianlong was playing in the garden, he pointed out that the stone of the garden in Zhongshan was a lion, the lion dance, the lion roar, the squatting and sleeping, the fight, the five hundred lion names, and the five hundred Rohan. The left and right attendants looked closely at what they meant, and all of them were alike. The artistic conception of Lion Forest rockery is taken from four famous Buddhist mountains, especially the realm of Mount Jiuhua. The scenery of the natural mountains and forests of the stone peaks of the Mount Jiuhua, the high peak and the deep gully of the cave, has formed the unfolding of the strange peaks and grotesque rocks. In addition, the 9 different ways of entering the mountain in the rockery symbolize the "nine to one" in Buddhism. The design of the upper, middle and lower three layers of rockery, respectively, represents the three realms of heaven, earth and hell.

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