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The origin of the lion forest and the Royal Garden


During the vicissitudes of the lion forest, an emperor praised the lion forest. He visited the lion forest for five times and left a large number of inscriptions and imperial poems. He was the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, the Emperor Qianlong. Qianlong twenty-two spring (1757), Hongli two inspecting Jiangnan to Suzhou, he took Ni Yun's Lion Forest exhibition roll contrast with watching the lion forest. Giving the plaque "mirror wisdom and round illumination" at lion Lin Temple, two title five character poem "lion lion forest", after this poem is carved into imperial Monument and add a new scene named "imperial Pavilion".

In 1762, Qianlong two lions forest, because of the love of the scenery, for the Lion Forest Temple title "painting Zen Temple", in his copy of the Yunlin "Lion Forest panorama" and Ni original writing on the original. The copy is called "life and life in the middle of Wu Zhong".

In 1765, the lion forest had been owned by Huang Zuxing. After visiting the Lion Forest in Qianlong (when it was called the garden), the inscription of "true interest" was made, and the three seven and seven laws of the lion dance were mixed. After returning to Beijing, he built a lion forest in the Summer Palace and Mountain Resort in Chengde.

In 1780, after the lion forest, "the lion forest is repeated the old work rhyme". In 1784, Qianlong visited the south again and met Xu's painting of "Lion Forest twelve attractions". After visiting the lion forest, he wrote in the three fold old rhymes of the Lion Forest: "the old trees in the mountains are like this. The 75 year old man has a high sense of age. It can only be "other day". Qianlong visited the lion forest for the five time, inscribed three tablets, left ten poems, and copied Ni Yunlin's three panoramic picture of lion forest. In the royal gardens, the climax of imitation of Jiangnan landscape and Jiangnan gardens was set off.

In 1771, Qianlong built a lion forest in the northeast corner of the the Summer Palace Changchun garden. The Suzhou weaving department was designed to give the lion forest real scenery five minutes and one foot. The inscribed boards were made by Suzhou and sent to Beijing.

In 1774, the Mountain Resort of Chengde was built in the East. The East is the lion forest mainly in the rockery. The west is the pond dominated by the pond. It is called "the garden Lion Forest". The Qianlong is very fond of the garden. The royal garden has widely used the corridor, bridge, window and color painting in the Jiangnan garden, and introduced various schools of stacked rockery, which greatly enriched the content of the garden in the north, and it is an important chapter in the history of garden art in my garden.

After the middle of the middle yuan, Huang Xi rebuilt the mansion, and added the "true interest Pavilion" with the "true interest" plaque of the Qianlong's pen. In the elegant Suzhou garden, it was so magnificent that it was also a model of the influence of the royal gardens on the private gardens of Suzhou.

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