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Water rockery


The water of the mountain is built, the water level of the pool is rising, and the water in the cave is waded in. The tourists need to walk, like the cranes, and the water; the water outside the cave, the water in the cave, and the water drops in the cave. The water rockery is two parts:

One, small island rockery

The small island rockery (see photo 3-1) is surrounded by water from the north south side of the stream to the east end of the bridge, that is, the Pinus bungeana from the eastern Dry Hill, to the west of the island. East-West length is about 32 meters, and the north and South are about 5.3 meters wide, covering an area of 16.96 square meters.

The connection between small island rockery (water rockery) and the "small Chibi" Huangshi rockery. That is, the Pinus bungeana from the north border to the northern tip of "little Chibi", about 13.2 meters north and south, 8.6 meters wide and 113.52 square meters in area. The total of two places is about 130.48 square meters.

From the entrance of the Qiaodong rockery (small island line), entering the water rockery, crossing 4 holes (2 of them are wading false caves), the 6 bridge, and 5 platforms, through "small Chibi" from the Wen Tianxiang stele. (see chart 3, line 7-1 to 7-12) this is seven of the nine lines of rockery.

Self repair bamboo Pavilion West, "small flying rainbow" under the east end of the wisteria frame, this road is one of the 5 main roads in the garden, (see chart 3, line 9-1,9 -2) is also the main road to the small island rockery. This is eight of the nine lines of the rockery.

Two, South District Water rockery

East of the "small Chibi" west end, the Royal stele West dwarf wall to the east wall of fan Pavilion, along the South Corridor along the garden, about 32 meters long, North and south wide about (the corridor north to the pool bank) 5.3 meters, an area of about 169.6 square meters. The southern part of the rockery (see photo 3-2) has twelve zodiac signs, but it can still resembles rabbits, pigs, monkeys, horses and so on. Here, there is also a life cycle in the rockery cave. Before the Wen Tianxiang stele Pavilion, the peak stone has the title of Qinglong, white tiger, Xuanwu and rosefinch.

Nine of the nine routes along the rockery (along the corridor), from the Wen Tianxiang stele Pavilion down the road, into 3 connected holes and gullies, 2 of them are wading false caves. Cross the 1 bridge and return to the fan Pavilion along the shore of the pool.

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