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Upland rockery


The drought rockery can be draining and dry in the heavy rain, so it is named. It is located in the south of the north side of the southern standing snow hall, north to the south end of the former fragrant flower bridge of Bai Xuan, about 33 meters in the north and south, from the east of Yan Yu hall, the west mountain wall in the small square hall, the west to the East Bank of the pond, about 24 meters wide, and an area of about 820 square meters. Slightly rectangular, the middle of the 90 square meters of the "basin", built with a cloud chamber. There are three layers on the upper, middle and lower parts of the Bureau. The mountain peaks are full of trees, the hills and hills are deep, and the mountain roads are tortuous and tortuous. They have the "Eighteen scenes of Taoyuan".

The main line in the nine route is the longest and the most complex one. From the East and south of the bridge of fragrant flower in front of the finger, 6 blocks of stone, stone slab bridge and 8 holes, through 3 levels of upper, middle and lower; the foundation of "Dashi house" in the Ming Dynasty, and the "Zen nest" site based on round, Pentagon and hexagonal green stone in the Ming Dynasty, are seen on the way. Several curved pieces, circling up and down, circling the chessboard hole, and returning to the south west side of the small square hall, the vase Cave (out of the loop line).

Two of the nine lines of the rockery (North and South lines), through the southwest entrance of Xiang Hua Bridge, pass through the stone bridge, twisting along the East Bank of the pool, and go up and down to the north of the Xiu bamboo Pavilion.

Three of the line refers to the east entrance of the fragrant flower bridge in front of the Bai Xuan, through the 1 hole (not a fork in the road), which is transferred to the north side of the lying cloud room and a small "basin" in the embrace of the rockery. (see catalogue, 3, line 3-1, 1-1, 3-2, 6-5): in short, it refers to the east entrance of the former Xianghua bridge.

Four of the line, into the Yan Yu Tang northwest "reward" gate, turn into the east side of the cloud room, 1 holes and raves, visible "chessboard hole", from the small square hall southwest vase shaped door. (see catalogue, 3, line 4-1, 4-2), that is, Yan Yu Tang northwest "reward wins" door into (straight line) - small square hall southwest vase shaped cave.

Five of the line, into the northwest of Yan Yu hall, "appreciation victory" way through the bedroom, west of the stone bridge through the 3 holes (of which 2 of the wading mountains and gully), up to the west of Xiu bamboo Pavilion, the east end of the wisteria frame. (see catalogue, 3, line 5-1 to 5-5), that is, the West Wing stone bridge under the cloud chamber (East West Line) - Wisteria rack East.

Six of the line, the cave entrance to the north of the lying cloud room, through the 2 holes, 2 green stone slab bridge, can see the mountain tower, along the main main road (2 holes, 2 bridges are not repeated count) back to the north of the bedroom. (see catalogue, 3, line 6-1 to 6-5), that is, the north of the cloud chamber (the reentry line) into the cave - the north exit of the cloud chamber.

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