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born in the Southern Song Dynasty two years (1238), the highest peak, the surname Xu, Wujiang people in Jiangsu, Lin Ji sect, is the master of heaven. When he was fifteen years old, he became a refined scholar in Hangzhou's pure CI temple. After the death of the Song Dynasty, the Song Dynasty went into the West Tianmu Mountain. In 1279, the construction of the lion orthodox monastery was one of the birthplaces of the Yong Yuan Temple in Japan. Later, in the Tianmu Mountain Sigiriya Lion Rock built a small room called "death pass" and died in this "death" for fifteen years. Standing three questions (three customs) inspectors, called "peak ancient Buddha". At 57 years old (1295), the tomb was buried at the Sigiriya Lion Rock of 970 meters above sea level. (Sigiriya Lion Rock is about 600 meters high from the top of the West Tianmu Mountain, the top of the mountain. There are monks who believe that the Buddha came from the West and once took the Sigiriya Lion Rock as a seat. Yuan Cheng Chung Mu Mu gives the number "Buddha RI Pu Ming Guangji Zen master." In Kiyoshi Sosuzheng's "Zong men Zhen Mai", the original Miao was listed as the fifty fifth ancestor of Lin Ji Zong.

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