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It is also known as "dugong", "surname", "surname", "Jiangxi Ling Lu Yong Xin" (now Jiangxi Peach County, Lianhua county). When he was young, he was introduced into the monastery of Heshan, a Buddhist monk, twenty years old in Tianmu Mountain, and from the middle peak and monk of Lin Ji sect. Eighteen years later, the nine peaks of Songjiang were found. In the first year of the first year (1341), he came to Suzhou and lived in the magic residence of master Ming Ben. The following year, the monk raised money to collect funds and bought the abandoned official garden of the Song Dynasty in the east of Suzhou. But it became the first generation of master Lin. He was very deep in Buddhism. He broke the doubts about the pure land method and advocated the purport of pure and pure land. The Tianmu Mountain in Zhejiang is dedicated to the statue of the golden body. There are many works in his life, such as "pure land or question", "Leng Yan Xie", "Essentials of Zong riding", "essential quotations", "Ten Commandments", "Lion Forest record", "heaven like collection" and so on. Zen master's work is an important literature of Buddhism. His poems and essays are also excellent. He is a famous writer in Yuan Dynasty.

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