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Zen Garden



The main rockery has a long history and contains Zen meaning. It is the only remnant of the early Chinese cave type rockery group.

1. a long history

The first construction time said: the lion forest was built in the Yuan Dynasty for two years. In 1342, "heaven was created as the master of the Zen master Wei Wei". "Lin has a lot of bamboos. There are many strange stones under bamboo. The source is the same.

Another said: according to the famous painter Zhu Derun of the Yuan Dynasty, "the lion forest map" recorded, the Yuan Dynasty tading (1324-1328 AD), Zhu De (1294-1365) from the capital back to Suzhou, in the lion forest and Wei Wei will be. "Because of its forest cover, the Cang stone stands upright, and the so-called teacher is suddenly caught in it."

There are differences between the two versions of the lion forest, but there is no contradiction. It is recorded in historical records that "the former generation of the original generation of the noble family". It was also said that the Huizhou emperor in Northern Song dynasty built a rockery in the BIE liang of the capital city, and sent officials to the south of the Yangtze River to select Taihu stone. Some of the lakes that had not been transported were shelved in a barren garden.

In the 1342, in the first two years, the lion forest as a "monastery" should be the conclusion of history, and the rockery stacking in the garden was earlier than the "temple opening".

2. contains Zen

The lion forest is different from the ordinary literati landscape garden. Its rockery group has deep Zen meaning, which embodies the religious thought of the founder of lion forest. Zhu Derun, a famous painter in the Yuan Dynasty, wrote a dialogue between Zhu Derun and Victoria in Shi Zilin's preface, which expressed the idea of establishing a garden in Wei. "Because of the shade of the wood, the so-called teacher's peak, all of a sudden, said that the words of the past Damour said," the Dragon elephant in the law "," the theory of wisdom ", said," the dragon power in the water is big and the land is great. " Does he mean that he can take the evil spirits with his power? The teacher said, "no, not." It is similar to the stone form, which is not false. If Wei Wei is used, Manjusri is inherently brave. The servant also said, "when the old man speaks as a teacher, how can he break all obstacles by his voice?" The teacher said, "no, not." There is no sound as well as sound. Is it self-evident? " The servant said, "it is self-evident, but I know it. It is self-evident that it is the only teacher. If the world is noisy, it can not be taken as a form of respect, but with our teacher's name, he will not be complacent when he meets the world. The truth of a teacher can break all kinds of absurdas, and plain can eliminate desires. If we are silent, we will not be able to palpitate despite the fact that we are silent. Although, in the view of Lin, although Shi Shi is heterogeneous, one is in the teacher, Shi is also in Shi. But if the teacher's stone two is forgotten? " The teacher says only the only. In the face of the lion - like Rocky Mountain, Wei expresses the idea that the idea of "the world is arrogant" can be "broken, and the calm can be eliminated". This is the true intention of the lion forest.

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