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The Lion Grove Garden is well-known for the rockeries, which are the oldest largest and the most complex lake rockery groups since 1342. Rockeries take up an area of 1200㎡. When the Pei family expanded the garden, they built more earth-inside rockeries of 1100㎡.

The grand peaks are rising and falling. The garden has 9 paths and 21 caves. Tourists walk along the winding paths, through the caves, up to the tall peaks, then down to the deep grottos. Caves are fantastic. Some parts are wide, others are narrow. Some steps are big, others are small. Some paths are plain, others are steep. Tourists may feel like rambling in a maze. Although live in a busy city, you may feel like among millions of mountains. Different shapes of rocks stand still on the peak. Rocks look like lions. Some are squatting, some are lying, some are dancing, and some are roaring, some are fighting with each other; some are playing, just like the falling stars finally down on the land. They are monks who are warning people about the complex world. All of these are full of Zen spirit.

East, South and West are surrounded by mountains. In the centre is a 1518 ㎡pond, over which are a central pavilion and winding bridges. Island Mountains, Welcome Bridge and Tinny Chibi are divided into four parts.

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