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Self-service tour guide renting




Renting rules of self-help guide

One, renting time: 7:30-17:30 every day

Two, the place of rent and return:

1, renting place: explain the service desk

2. The place of return: the exit

Three, renting costs: 15 yuan / time

Four. Renting procedures:

1, you can freely choose ID card registration or payment of any form of deposit to guide the aircraft rental.

2. The registration of ID card is a one card loan system, and your identity information is confidential. The deposit is charged with the standard of 200 yuan / Taiwan, and the deposit is issued.

3, after receiving the guide machine, please check carefully whether there is any breakage, the complete set of earphones, and whether there is sound output. If there is no electricity, dead machine and no sound in the use of the battery, please contact the workers in time to change it.

4, when returning, the staff will return the deposit after confirming that the tour guide is intact, and return the deposit with the deposit slip.

Five. Note:

1, please take care of the guide machine to ensure that it is intact and avoid contamination, scratch, loss, damage or wetting. In the event of such a situation, the leased party must pay compensation according to the following criteria:

Screen breakage: compensation 200 yuan wetting and dampness: compensation 800 yuan

Loss: compensation 800 yuan earphone damage or loss: compensation 40 yuan.

Other damage cases should be compensated as appropriate.

2, please return it in time within the prescribed time.

3, do not bring the machine out of the park, otherwise it will touch the alarm system.

4. The tour guide is only used as a tour guide for garden attractions, not for him.

5, care for public affairs, people are responsible.

This product has automatic location, automatic trigger explanation, automatic switching of scenic spots, map location query, video manual browsing and other automatic functions. The specific operation is as follows:

1. Under the automatic tour guide mode, you will enjoy the best tour guide service without any operation.

2, enter the manual mode: press MENU to enter manual navigation, select scenic spots, and play the scenic video.

Press ESC to quit manual mode and return to auto mode.

3, enter the map mode: press MAP to enter the map mode, you can enlarge the map, +, -, <, > can move the map.

4, volume control: when playing the video, press +, - can increase or decrease the volume.

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